How it all Began

Producer: Ciarán Ó Cofaigh
Director: Edith Pieperhof

A light-hearted retelling of a Central American creation myth, this story explains why life on earth is not as peaceful as many of us wish it would be.


Sun and moon are seen as a godly couple that is the source of life on earth. Like their creations the gods too are flawed. They forget to provide food for the carnivores, thereby forcing them to hunt and kill. Then they create humans, expecting them to restore peace. Which of course is asking the impossible. Nevertheless man and woman adapt to life on earth and start to populate it.


The technique of oil paint on glass creates an exquisitely warm atmosphere in which this magical story unfolds.

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Producer Ciarán Ó Cofaigh
Director Edith Pieperhof
Animation Edith Pieperhof
Editor JDM
Sound Ciarán Ó Tuairisc
Photography Brain Kelly
Broadcaster RTÉ