Welcome to one of Ireland's premier independent television and production companies. ROSG creates high quality screen based stories of cultural value that are energized by local talent, yet relevant to the world. 

Recent productions have been the feature film Cré na Cille (Graveyard Clay), Na Cloigne (The Heads) a 3 part supernatural drama series, Scéal na Gaeilge (The Story of Irish/Gaelic) a 2 part documentary on the history of the Irish language and the most recent series of the Scéal (Story) short films (6x30 minute).

ROSG have recently completed production on An Bronntanas (The Gift), a 5x40 minute thriller.

ROSG also produces Fíor Scéal a 35 part series of documentaries taken from around the World and presented as a series for TG4.

Our News

Xtreme Now Airing on TG4
22 September 2014
New Season of Fíor Scéal!
11 September 2013

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